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1821 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle Obverse     1821 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle Reverse

1821 $2-1/2 DOLLARS

PCGS Nos: 7662, 7677, 87677


Circulation strikes: 6,448
Proofs: estimated 5

Designer: Robert Scot

Diameter: 18.5 millimeters

Metal content:
Gold - 91.7%
Other - 8.3%

Weight: 67.5 grains (4.37 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mintmark: None (all examples of this date and type were struck at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mint)

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

The finest Uncirculated 1821 Quarter Eagle graded by PCGS is a single MS-66.

The finest Proof 1821 Quarter Eagle graded by PCGS is a single PR-64.

The finest Cameo Proof 1821 Quarter Eagle graded by PCGS is a single PRCA-65.

Recent appearances:
AU-50, lightly cleaned (illustrated above).  Lot 1845 in Superior Galleries' September 1999 "Pre-Long Beach" Sale, Lot 1845, where it was described as follows:  "Breen-6126.  About Uncirculated-50.  Lightly cleaned.  Nicely centered on a defect-free planchet.  Only 6,448 minted.  All 1821 Quarter Eagles have small stars (these continued through 1825).  A dozen years passed after 1808 before Quarter Eagle coinage resumed.  The new design was by Robert Scot, then 77 years old and with failing eyesight, but secure in his life tenure as Engraver.  Scot devices copies of his 1813 Half Eagle and imparted them to the smaller, Dime-size format of this denomination.  Only a single obverse die was used in 1821 and the years that follow.  Mintages remained of the same order of size as in prior years.  All 1821-1834 Quarter Eagles are scarce."

Brilliant Uncirculated with claims to Choice.  Ex - Stack's "65th Anniversary Sale", October 17-19, 2000, Lot 1651, "Breen 1", plated, unsold

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