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Obverse of the 1827 Quarter Dollar Restrike     Reverse of the 1827 Quarter Dollar Restrike


PCGS Nos: 5373, 5374

Variety equivalents:
Browning 2, Breen 3912

Circulation strikes: None
Proofs: Unknown, est. 20

Designer: John Reich

Diameter: 29 millimeters

Metal Content:
Silver - 89%
Copper - 11%

Weight: 104 grains or 6.74 grams

Edge: Reeded

Mintmark: None

All 1827 Capped Bust Quarter Dollars, whether an Original struck in 1827 or a Restrike made at a later date, are overdates with a 3 visible beneath the 7 of the date. 
The Original 1827 Quarter Dollar has always been recognized as a classic rarity.  Despite a reported mintage of 4,000 coins, only a dozen or so are known to exist.  Most are Proofs, although the Eliasberg coin was well circulated.  Because of its rarity, Mint employees restruck the 1827 Quarter sometime prior to 1860 using an 1827 Obverse and an 1819 Reverse.  The flat based 2 of the 1819 Reverse indicates a Restrike - all of the Original 1827 Quarter Dollars have a curl based 2.  Breen lists twelve different examples of the Restrike in his "Encyclopedia", to which the Byron Reed coin (illustrated at lower right) should be added.  According to Breen, at least three of the Restrikes were struck over Quarter Dollars of an earlier date, including one with a visible undertype of 1806!  Breen considers these the earliest Restrikes, based on die state evidence he observed (later Restrikes have dies that are "more rusty").

The finest "Original" example graded by  PCGS is a single PR-66.  It is highly possible that one or more of the 7 examples was a re-submission of a previously graded coin.

PCGS has certified 13 1827 Restrike Quarter Dollars, the finest of which is a single PR-66.

Restrikes were also made in Copper (Judd 48, Pollock 49).

Images courtesy of Superior Stamp & Coin

Varieties (2):
Browning 1 - Extremely Rare
Browning 2 - Very Rare

Significant examples:
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Recent appearances:
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Sources and/or recommended reading:
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July 2003" Professional Coin Grading Service.  

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Obverse of the 1827 Quarter Dollar Restrike     Reverse of the 1827 Quarter Dollar Restrike

Images courtesy of the Durham Western Heritage Museum and the Byron Reed Collection