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The South Carolina Quarter.
The South Carolina quarter's reverse is an outline of the state complimented by an intriguing group of state symbols.

South Carolina

The South Carolina quarter, the eighth coin released under the 50 State Quarters Program shows key state symbols- a Palmetto Tree, the Carolina Wren and the Yellow Jessamine. An outline of South Carolina, nickname "The Palmetto State" and a star indicating the capital, Columbia, form the quarters background.

The Carolina Wren, the state bird, and the Yellow Jessamine, the state flower, are native throughout South Carolina; the importance of the Palmetto Tree, the state tree, dates back to the Revolutionary War. In 1776, colonists in a small fort built of Palmetto logs successfully defeated a British fleet trying to capture Charleston Harbor. Since then, South Carolina has been called, "The Palmetto State."

Beginning in 1998, the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) accepted quarter design suggestions. Contributions came from PRTs offices, school children and the South Carolina Numismatic Society.

From these contributions, PRT compiled five semi-finalist design concepts. The Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee and the Fine Arts Commission narrowed these five semi-finalist design concepts down to three choices. Governor Jim Hodges then made his final decision, indicating that the Palmetto Tree represents South Carolinas strength; the Carolina Wrens song symbolizes the hospitality of the states people; and the Yellow Jessamine, a delicate golden bloom- a sign of coming spring- is part of South Carolinas vast natural beauty.

Images and content courtesy of the United States Mint

PCGS Nos: 5958, 5959, 913011, 913012

Mintage for circulation:
2000-P   742,756,000
2000-D   566,208,000

The finest Uncirculated 2000-P South Carolina examples graded by PCGS are 94 MS-68's.

The finest Uncirculated 2000-D South Carolina examples graded by PCGS are 75 MS-68's.

The finest 2000-S South Carolina Proof Deep Cameo examples graded by PCGS are 1827 PRDC-69's.

The finest 2000-S South Carolina Proof Deep Cameo "Silver" examples graded by PCGS are 6 PRDC-70's. 

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