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1973-S Proof Coin Set


Mintage: 2,760,339 sets

Original Issue Price: $7.00


In 1973, the Mint began including a clad version of the Eisenhower Dollar in the Proof sets, providing some justification for raising the issue price to $7.00 per set.  Despite the extra coin, the public rebelled and the mintage dropped off by almost half a million sets.  The packaging was changed to include a hinged flap that folded up to cover the front of the set, but the back of the set remained exposed.

Look for spot- and film-free coins and try for sets that have as many frosted "cameos" as possible.  Unfortunately, the new packaging included a red, felt-type material that gives off a red "dust" that migrates throughout the sets.  The dust is a potential, spot-causing problem, especially in areas with high humidity, so store your sets carefully.  Be sure the pins that hold the hinged flap are unbroken.

1973-S Proof Coin Set Packaging