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1971-S Proof Coin Set


Mintage: 3,220,733 sets (This mintage figure is the combination of the mintages for the 1971-S Proof Set and the 1971-S No "S" Dime Proof Set.)

Original Issue Price: $5.00

Proof sets of this year did not include the new Eisenhower Dollars (40% Silver Proof "Ikes" were available only in government-issued Brown Packs).  Some of the sets include Proof Nickels that were struck without the mintmark!

Look for sets with as many "cameos" as possible, although it is virtually impossible to find sets with five, fully frosted coins.  Make sure the case is uncracked and completely sealed.  Don't buy sets that are spotted or filmy.  The outer packaging is not so critical, but reject anything that is overly worn, written upon, stickered, or torn.  Be sure to check any set for the "S"-less Nickel.

1971-S Proof Coin Set Packaging