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1968-S Proof Set


Mintage: 3,041,506 (This mintage figure is the combination of the mintages for the 1968-S Proof Set and the 1968-S No "S" Dime Proof Set.)

Original Issue Price: $5.00


1968 was a year of "firsts" for coin collectors.  It was the first time Proof Coin Sets were produced at the San Francisco Mint (where they would be produced thereafter).  1968 was the first year that the mintmarks were brought around from the reverse of each coin to the obverse (where they would appear thereafter).  1968 was the first year that Proof Coin Sets were produced since 1964 (from 1965 to 1967, the Mint produced only Special Mint Sets).  And, although it was an embarrassment to the Mint, 1968 was also the first year that a few Proof Dimes were struck accidentally without a mintmark!

Look for sets with as many "cameos" as possible, although it is virtually impossible to find sets with five, fully frosted coins.  Make sure the case is uncracked and completely sealed.  Don't buy sets that are spotted or filmy (see the Quarter Dollar illustrated above).  The outer packaging is not so critical, but reject anything that is overly worn, written upon, stickered, or torn.  And, keep an eye out for the "S"-less Dime; a lot of people have never taken the time to look at their sets!

1968-S Proof Set Packaging