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Mintage: no more than 250 sets

Original Issue Price: $


Low mintages for the Barber Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar assure that no more than 250 sets of U.S. Proof coins of 1909 could ever have been assembled.  This exciting year included both Indian and Lincoln Cents, Liberty Nickel, and three Barber Silver coins.  


Recent appearances:
1909 Proof Set.  Ex - Stack's "65th Anniversary Sale", October 17-19, 2000, Lot 1974-1979. (1) Indian Cent. PCGS PR-64RD, Very Choice Brilliant Proof. (2) Lincoln Cent, No V.D.B.  PCGS PR-64RD, Very Choice Matte Proof.  (3) Liberty Nickel. PCGS PR-64, Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.  (4) Barber Dime.  PCGS PR-65, Gem Brilliant Proof.  (5) Barber Quarter.  PCGS PR-67, Superb Gem Brilliant Proof.  (6) Barber Half Dollar.  PCGS PR-66, Gem Brilliant Proof.