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Obverse of 1859/1859 Indian Head Cent Mule     Reverse of 1859/1859 Indian Head Cent Mule


Variety equivalents:
Adams-Woodin 318A = Judd 229A = 
Pollock 273A

Rarity: Unique

This two-headed mule, struck from regular dies in copper-nickel, was recently rediscovered and is the subject of an upcoming article in the September 18, 2000 edition of Coin World.

This coin is believed to be ex - S. H. Chapman's sale of the "Gable collection", Lot 1532, where it realized $20.00 - a huge sum for that time. It was purchased by Edgar H. Adams of Adams and Woodin fame.

It was later listed as AW-318A in Green and Hewitts 1940 Priced Catalog of US Pattern Coins. It was also listed in the Mule section of Taxay's 1976 Comprehensive Encyclopedia.

Saul Teichman of the U.S. Patterns website has assigned it the following Judd and Pollock numbers: Judd 229A and Pollock 273A.

This coin will appear in Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", October 3, 2000, Lot 4017A.

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

ANACS MS-60, filed.  Superior Galleries' "Pre-Long Beach Sale", October 1-3, 2000, Lot 4017A, where it was described as follows: "Minor file marks at the left rim (on the "first" obverse) and designated "2 Headed Mule" and "filed" on the encapsulation. Mirror-like surfaces are lightly toned. Fully struck devices offer an impressive appearance.  This coin has been carefully preserved since its time of issue, and other than the aforementioned trivial rim blemish, exhibits virtually no handling and minimal light hairlines. Die rotation is approximately 170 degrees, giving the coin nearly a "medal twist," as opposed to the configuration of a normally struck coin.  In this era of modern commemorative George Washington Quarter/Sacagawea mules, this coin  stands alone as the original Mint produced mule, struck more than 140 years ago. Although rumored to exist for decades, until surfacing this spring, no one we talked to -- including the staff at ANACS, where it was recently authenticated and graded -- had encountered one. The most experienced error specialists are utterly amazed by its discovery. While numismatics is full of surprises, one of the alluring aspects of the hobby has always been the appearance of a "new," previously unknown great rarity.  Once this monumental coin has been sold, its legendary status will be assured." @ $33,350.00 - Legend Numsimatics

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