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Obverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 264     Reverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 264

1803 LARGE CENT - 

Rarity: Rare


Images courtesy of Superior Galleries 
From the "Pre-Long Beach Sale", June 5-7, 2000, Lot 235, where it was described as follows:
"1803 S-264 R4+ VF25 Large Date/Small Fraction Sharpness EF40 with microscopic pitting scattered about the obverse, specks of very light verdigris on the reverse, some short, very shallow scratches blended into the patina over the bust tip, and a small rim bruise opposite the neck. Dark olive brown and steel, the highpoints at bit lighter steel brown. The surfaces retain a bit of gloss in spite of the microscopic roughness and the eye appeal is better than it might sound from the description. Sharply struck M-LDS. The obverse and reverse cracks are bold except for the one through the T in STATES, which is present but not yet strong. Probably the sharpest known example by a small margin. Tied for CC#1 as net VF25 in the Noyes census, called net VF20 tied for CC#2 by Bland. Either way this is an outstanding example of a rare and extremely popular "Red Book" variety.

     Ex Charles French (French's) where purchased unattributed from a junk box on 11/13/54 by Dr. Kenneth J. Sartoris 5/72-Del Bland 5/19/72-C. Douglas Smith 12/77-Denis W. Loring 10/79-C. Douglas Smith-Dr. Robert A. Schuman."

Recent appearances:
ANACS Net Good-4, sharpness of F-15.  Ex - Bowers & Merena Galleries' "The Cabinet of Lucien M. LaRiviere, Part II", March 15-17, 2001, Lot 2496, "B-24, Large date, small fraction"  sold for $2,760.00

Sources and recommended reading:
"Penny Whimsy" by Dr. William Sheldon

Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club