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Obverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 262     Reverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 262

1803 LARGE CENT - 

Rarity: Rare

Variety Equivalents: 



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From the "Pre-Long Beach Sale", June 5-7, 2000, Lot 232, where it was described as follows:
"1803 S-262 R3 VF25 Ten points sharper but there are several fine parallel scratches slanting down to the right at LIBERTY, strongest at LIB, with some of these extending lightly into the hair and a single extension passing down the face to the throat. Otherwise the surfaces are very nice, the reverse nearly choice. Expertly recolored glossy steel brown and chocolate. EDS. The reverse is plated in the Newcomb book covering the cents of 1801-1803. Graded net VF25 by both Noyes and Bland; tied for CC#4 in the Noyes list, #5 in the Bland list.

Ex Henry C. Hines-Homer K. Downing-1952 ANA Sale, New Netherlands #38, lot #1960-C. Douglas Smith-Dr. Robert A. Schuman."

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Sources and recommended reading:
"Penny Whimsy" by Dr. William Sheldon

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Early American Coppers Club