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Obverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 259     Reverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 259

1803 LARGE CENT - 

Rarity: Very Scarce   

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From the "Pre-Long Beach Sale", June 5-7, 2000, Lot 227, where it was described as follows:
"1803 S-259 R4 EF40+ Slightly sharper but expertly recolored a glossy light olive and steel brown. The surfaces are smooth and nearly flawless, just a few trivial ticks here and there, none notable. M-LDS. The crack through the tops of TAT is strong, especially the portion joining the tops of TA, and the area outlined by the crack has shifted slightly indicating it has become a retained cud. CC#4 in the Noyes census; tied for CC#3 in the Bland list. (The CC#2 example in both lists is impounded in the Connecticut State Library Collection, and the whereabouts of the EF45 Penny Whimsy plate coin is unknown.) An attractive example of a variety that's nearly impossible to find better.
     Ex Rare Coin Company of America 11/3/72-C. Douglas Smith-Dr. Robert A. Schuman."

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Sources and recommended reading:
"Penny Whimsy" by Dr. William Sheldon

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Early American Coppers Club