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Obverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 252     Reverse of 1803 Large Cent - Sheldon 252

1803 LARGE CENT - 

Rarity: Common

Variety Equivalents: Breen 11

Images courtesy of Superior Galleries

Recent appearances:
PCGS AU-58.  Ex - William Walser collection - Bowers and Merena Galleries "The Rarities Sale", July 31, 2002, Lot 31, "...VF-35, sharpness of AU-50, light obverse scratches...", illustrated, unsold

"AU-50" (illustrated above).  Ex - "Pre-Long Beach Sale", June 5-7, 2000, Lot 219, where it was described as follows: "1803 S-252 R2- AU50 Slightly sharper with some tiny, very light scratches at ERICA and a few others on the neck. There is a small chip out of the planchet on the jaw close above the throat and a smaller one in the field left of the hair ribbon, both as struck. Glossy light steel brown and tan with darker steel brown toning on the obverse highpoints. Rare EDS (although not quite the earliest). The obverse fields are smooth and slightly reflective and the crack at 180 is extremely faint. Graded AU50 by both Noyes (tied for CC#4) and Bland (tied for CC#3).  Ex Clinton Hollins-Dr. Robert J. Shalowitz 11/30/74-C. Douglas Smith-Dr. Robert A. Schuman."

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"Penny Whimsy" by Dr. William Sheldon

Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club