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PCGS No: 6334


Circulation strikes: 257,000
Proofs: 0

Designer: Obverse by Thomas Sully, modified by Christian Gobrecht and Robert Ball Hughes, executed by James Barton Longacre; Reverse by Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 30 millimeters

Metal content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 192 grains (12.4 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mintmark: "CC" (for Carson City) below the eagle on the reverse

The finest examples graded by PCGS are 5 MS-63's.

Ronald J. Gillio relates the following story:  "The 1970s.  Carson City Mint Corner Stone Find containing 2 (two) 1873-CC Seated Dollars in BU condition, purchased from Frank Roza, Jr. in Carson City, Nevada, which I purchased for $10,00 each -- a big price at the time.  Here is the story I was told by Frank at the time: A man came into his store one day, produced an old Prince Edward Tobacco can that contained old "CC" Mint coins.  Inside were one 1872-CC 50C AU, three 1873-CC Dollars (two BU, one AU), "CC" dimes, quarters and halves and other miscellaneous items from the 1870s.  When Frank asked the guy where he got the can full of coins and other old Nevada items, he replied that he was working on the reconstruction of the old Carson City Mint and found the can inside a wall."
-- Advertisement in NUMISMATIC NEWS, June 1, 2004, page 45

Recent appearances:
EF-45 Cleaned in the past.  Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.'s "Benson Collection, Part I", 02/2001: 1763, $632.00

PCGS VF-35.  Heritage "Philadelphia 2000 Signature Sale" 08/2000:6005, $494.50

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"The PCGS Population Report, April 2003" by The Professional Coin Grading Service