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Circulation strikes: 0
Proofs: estimated 50

Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 23 millimeters

Metal content:
Copper - 100%

Weight: 84 grains (5.44 grams)

Edge: Plain

Mintmarks: None (for Philadelphia)

The finest Proof "Restrike, Small Berries" Brown examples graded by PCGS are 6 PR-65BN's.

The finest Proof "Restrike, Small Berries" Red-Brown examples graded by PCGS are 2 PR-66RB's.

The finest Proof "Restrike, Large Berries" Brown example graded by PCGS is a single PR-64.

   Small Berries Reverse
      Non-Restrike Reverse (may not exist)
   Large Berries Reverse
   Small Berries Reverse
      Doubled Ribbon
      File Marks above RICA

Much confusion exists as to what constitutes an Original versus a Restrike 1852 Half Cent.  "Original" implies a coin struck in 1852, which would have used the Small Berries style reverse that first appeared in 1849 and which would have weighed 84 grains.  Unfortunately, every known 1852 Half Cent with a Small Berries reverse is one of the Restrikes listed above.  To further confuse the issue, some writers have called the 1852 Large Berries reverse "Original" and this was picked up in subsequent writings.   

Recent appearances:
NGC Proof-66 Red-Brown.  Ex – American Numismatic Rarities, LLC’s “The Classics Sale,” July 25, 2003 , Lot 102, "B-2, First Restrike, Rarity-5", illustrated, sold for $9,200.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"American Half Cents - The 'Little Half Sisters' (Second Edition)" by Roger S. Cohen, Jr.

"Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Half Cents 1793-1857" by Walter Breen (purchase a copy by clicking on the title)

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Relevant collector organizations:
Early American Coppers Club