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Obverse of 1849-C Gold Dollar - Open Wreath Reverse     Reverse of 1849-C Gold Dollar - Open Wreath Reverse

"Open Wreath on Reverse"

PCGS No: 7506

The 1849-C Gold Dollar with an Open Wreath on the reverse is one of the rarest of all United States Gold coins.  It wasn't until the early 1900's, over 50 years after it was struck, that the variety was first discovered by Waldo Newcomer!  Only five examples are accounted for today.

Images courtesy of The Charlottegold Company

The finest "Open Wreath" 1849-C Gold Dollars graded by PCGS are 2 AU-58's.

The finest "Open Wreath" 1849-C Gold Dollar graded by NGC is 1 MS-63 Prooflike.

Significant examples:
The following census lists all five examples that are known to exist.

1. NGC MS-63 Prooflike.  This coin popped up out of nowhere in March 2004 - DLRC Auctions "Richmond Sale", July 2004

2. PCGS AU-58 (illustrated above).  Ex - Waldo Newcomer Collection - B. Max Mehl "Belden Roach" sale, February 1944), Lot 1083 - Charles Williams Collection - Robert Schermerhorn Collection - James Kelly "ANA Sale", 1956, Lot 1571 - unknown collector - Midwestern collector - Stack's session of "Auction '79", July 1979, Lot 749, sold for $90,000 - New England Rare Coin Galleries - private collection - NERCA "FUN Sale", January 1982, Lot 1350 - Southern collection - Kevin Lipton - Winthrop Carner - North Georgia Collection - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. "FUN Signature Sale", January 1999, Lot 7722 - Doug Winter - James Blanchard & Co. - private collector.  This is the discovery piece for the 1849-C Open Wreath Gold Dollar, obtained by Waldo Newcomer sometime prior to 1933. It is also the plate coin in Doug Winter's book on Charlotte Gold.

3. PCGS AU-58 (upgraded from PCGS AU-55).  Ex - New Netherlands Coin Co. - Texas specialist.  The existence of this coin has been questioned by Doug Winter, who writes in his book on Charlotte Gold that this is a clerical error by PCGS.

4. NGC EF-45.  Ex - New England Rare Coin Galleries circa 1978-1979 - Delaware collection.  Existence confirmed by Doug Winter.

5. NGC Fine 15.  This coin has numerous scratches in the center of the reverse and shows traces of an old mounting on the right side.  "McReynolds" (before 1956) - Leo Young - Charles Southwick - Pine Tree's 9/1974 "GENA Sale", Lot 1952 at $35,000 - Stack's 5/1986 sale of the Elrod collection, Lot 1330 - California collection (obtained via private treaty from Winthrop Carner for a reported $150,000 - Heritage Rare Coin Galleries (1997) - William Miller collection - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. "Long Beach" sale, February 1999, Lot 6086, where it failed to sell - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. "FUN 2000" sale, January 2000, Lot 7549, sold for $86,250.00 - Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc. "Ashland City Collection", January 2003, Lot 4607, sold for $97,750.00 - Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries - private collection.

Sources and/or recommended reading:
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