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Obverse of 1877-CC Eagle     Reverse of 1877-CC Eagle


PCGS No: 8678


Circulation strikes: 3,332
Proofs: 0

Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 26.8 millimeters

Metal content:
Gold - 90%
Other - 10% 

Weight: 258 grains (16.7 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mintmark: "CC" (for Carson City, Nevada) below the eagle on the reverse

Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.

The finest example graded by PCGS is a single AU-58.

Significant examples:
PCGS AU-55.  Ex - Pine Tree's John Carter Brown Library sale, March 1976, Lot 409 - Bowers and Merena Spring Quartette sale, March 1992, Lot 2095 - Heritage's sale of the Warren Miller collection, October 1995, Lot 6386 - Henry S. Lang collection - Bowers and Merena Galleries "The Rarities Sale", July 31, 2002, Lot 633, illustrated, sold for $24,150.00

Recent appearances:
PCGS EF-45 (illustrated above).  Ex - Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.'s "The California Sale", October 2-3, 2000, Lot 1040, where it was described as follows: "One of the very finest known of this extremely rare date, only 3,332 were minted, most of which saw extensive circulation in the West. Rarely encountered at all, and when found this date is often in grades of Very Fine or lower, with heavy circulation marks. Not so here, the surfaces are clean, with only a few marks scattered about. There are some minor circulation marks below Liberty's chin, but the rims and balance of the fields and devices show trouble free wear. The fields have taken on a light coppery tone and luster clings near the devices. Boldly struck by the dies, and a coin which will excite the date or Carson City collector for its pristine condition and eye-appealing surfaces.  The recent Harry Bass, Jr. sale by Bowers and Merena contained an AU-55 example of this date, after furious bidding it realized $41,400, and is apparently tied for the finest known. The current PCGS Population Report shows just 7 coins have been graded in XF-45, while just 4 coins have been graded higher. There are, of course, none graded in Mint State be either grading service.  This coin appears to be the same die pairing as the May, 2000 Bass coin, lot 690. There is a small fragment of a recut 1 to the right side of the serif of that digit, and another fragment of the lower part of the first 7 just below and right of that number. Die file lines are noted horizontally through the Y of LIBERTY. On the reverse, die file lines are noted from the top right of each T of STATES to the rim.", sold for $5,520.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"The PCGS Population Report, July 2003" by The Professional Coin Grading Service