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Obverse of 1851-O Eagle     Reverse of 1851-O Eagle


PCGS No: 8607


Circulation strikes: 263,000
Proofs: 0

Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 26.8 millimeters

Metal content:
Gold - 90%
Other - 10% 

Weight: 258 grains (16.7 grams)

Edge: Reeded

Mintmark: "O" (for New Orleans) below the eagle on the reverse

Images courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.

The finest example graded by PCGS is a single MS-64.

In August, 2004, NGC published a partial population report of gold coins recovered from the shipwrecked SS Republic.  Included were 99 1851-O Eagles, ranging in grade from Poor to MS-61.

Recent appearances:
PCGS MS-64.  Bowers and Merena Galleries, "The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, Part IV Sale", 11/2000:645, $29,900.00  From the Bowers and Merena sale of the Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, October 1982, Lot 688; earlier from the John H. Clapp Collection and Elmer S. Sears; finest example graded by PCGS

PCGS AU-55 (illustrated above).  Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.'s "The California Sale", October 2-3, 2000, Lot 1035, where it was described as follows: "Well struck for the New Orleans Mint issue, the devices are all crisp and defined. The surfaces are about average for the grade, with moderate circulation marks which are most prominent in the fields. Nevertheless, the coin has excellent eye appeal and is further enhanced by delicate coppery toning on both sides. Only a handful are known in mint state, most at the very low end of that grade, with similar marks and perhaps slightly less wear. Therefore, this is about as nice as a numismatist could expect to purchase, without spending a fortune for a slightly--and we mean slightly--higher technical grade.
As with most seen, this piece has the hollow ring at the top of one of the vertical shield stripes. Apparently this ring was on the master hub and other dates also have this feature. It apparently was some sort of centering mark used in making dies, similar marks have been noticed on other denominations from the 1830s to 1850s and this would make an excellent study for a numismatist.", $2,185.00

AU-55.  Bowers and Merena Galleries, "The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, Part IV Sale", 11/2000:646, $2,530.00  Purchased from Ed Shapiro on April 7, 1969

ICG AU-53.  Bowers & Merena Galleries' "The Cabinet of Lucien M. LaRiviere, Part II", 03/2001:190, $747.50

AU-50.  Bowers and Merena Galleries, "The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, Part IV Sale", 11/2000:647, $1,265.00  Purchased from Stanley Kesselman on April 28, 1967

ANACS AU-50.  Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc.'s, "Summer 2001 Long Beach Signature Sale", May 31-June 2, 2001, Lot 9072, not plated, unsold

Fine-15.  Ira & Larry Goldberg Coin & Collectibles' "The Fairchild Family Trust Collection Sale", 05/2001:1476, $230.00

Sources and/or recommended reading:
"The PCGS Population Report, July 2004" by The Professional Coin Grading Service

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